Speaker guidelines

We’ve put together these speaker notes to help shape the initial meet ups, and to help you as a speaker understand where we’re coming from. This is a new thing, so please give us feedback on how we could improve these guidelines for the future.


Each meet up will involve four speakers followed by an hour for socialising. The first two speakers will talk about problems they are trying to solve and the focus will be on finding potential solutions. The second two speakers will talk about a problem that they’ve already found a solution for and the focus will be on lessons learned.

What we want from you as speakers

We want you to answer the following questions in 10 minutes at the very most, with 5 minutes allowed for audience questions immediately afterwards. There will be plenty of time to continue conversations and questions in the later networking slot. Here's what you need to cover in your talk.

If you’re talking about a problem you’d like solving

  • Who are you and why do you care? (1 minute)
  • What specific issue are you tackling? (1 minute)
  • Tell us more about the people you want to help and the problems they have. (3 minutes)
  • What are the specific issues you think technology could help with? (3 minutes)
  • Please list the top three challenges you’ve encountered so far. (2 minutes)

If you’re sharing lessons learned

  • Who are you and why do you care? (1 minute)
  • What problem have you tackled? (1 minute)
  • Tell us more about the people you have helped and the problems they have. (3 minutes)
  • What are the specific issues that you solved? (3 minutes)
  • Please list the top three lessons you learned. (2 minutes)

Dos and don’ts

  • Do feel very welcome to come for a practise before the meet up, if you want. We’ll give you access to the room and the PA system to put you at your ease.
  • Please do not speak for longer than your allocated 10 minutes. To be fair to the other speakers, you mustn’t overrun.
  • Do watch the clock. We have a natty visual countdown and we will very politely stop you to make sure the meeting runs to time.
  • Please do not see this as an opportunity to sell the organisation that you work for, whether tech or social good. You’re here to talk about a project, which will by necessity mean you need to talk about the organisation you work for. But please get the balance right :-).
  • Please do remember you’re here to share your expertise and insight to benefit people who may not be familiar with your sector. So please don’t use acronyms without explaining them in full, steer away from jargon and keep your talk as easy to understand as possible.
  • If you intend to use slides with your talk, please do send them to Nicola Mayer (contact details below) as a PDF a week before the meet up. That way we can make sure there are no tech problems with the set up at Electric Works.
  • Do get in touch with any questions, big or small – we’re here to help.
  • Do have fun. We don’t want this to be a flash in the pan, but something that is useful and sustainable to all involved, so try to enjoy it :-).

Contact point for speakers

Iain Broome (iain@yoomee.com) is the person at Yoomee you should get in touch with about any meet up related questions or issues. 

A little bit of history: What’s the need?

There are lots of grassroots meetings in Sheffield, but none that encourage the disparate communities of ‘technology’ and ‘social good’ to come together. We think there’s a real need for these two worlds to have more opportunities to get to know and be inspired by each other, with a view to more working together.

So, as part of our commitment to investing in the local community, we thought we’d make such a meet up happen.

Our vision is for the meet ups to inspire:

  • people working with technology to use their abilities to create positive social change in the local area
  • those working in the area of social good to start to or better apply digital to the work they’re doing locally.

What will the meet ups look like?

After sending round a Survey Monkey questionnaire to canvas opinion, we’ve settled on the following approach, but we are committed to regularly reviewing it and mixing things in terms of format too, so we don’t get stuck in a rut.

Time and initial venue

Meet ups will happen in the ‘immediately-after-work slot’ (18:00 start) every 2–3 months. The first two meet ups took place at Electric Works. Future meet ups will now be at Yoomee's Park Hill office and event space, which is at 9 South Street, Sheffield. 


Each meet up will focus on a single theme, such as mental health, the environment, education, refugees and social care. And for each event, we’ll try to partner with a Sheffield-based organisation whose work is focused on the theme, so they can help identify suitable speakers and publicise the meet up through their networks. 


The timetable will look like this:

  • 18.00 – start
  • 18.05 – welcome and introductions
  • 18.10–19.15 – four 15-minute talks
  • 19.15–19.30 – short facilitated group activity
  • 19.30–20.30 – food and socialising

We have TechNorth sponsorship to cover food and drinks for the first four meet ups. We’ll try to use local food suppliers, such as Percy & Lily, Pie-Eyed and Street Food Chef, to showcase their wares.


We will issue 40 Eventbrite tickets in total for each meet up, allocating 20 to those who self-define as being in tech and 20 to those who identify as coming from the ‘social good’ sector.